CAT 2023 Study Planner

Welcome to your tailor made study planner.

InsideIIM's CAT Study Planner outlines the recommended number of hours required to devote to complete the gamut of the CAT syllabus, the ideal distribution to each topic and section based on when you start your CAT preparation. This tool will help you plan your CAT prep journey.

Please note that the number of hours is an indicative number. Spend as much time as you require to thoroughly complete a topic, especially if it's an important topic.

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Select the date from which you have started your preparations for CAT.
Select the number of hours you work. Select 0 in case you're not working. In case you're in college, account for the number hours (college, etc.).
Select the number of days you work, per week. Select 0 if you're not working.
Enter the number of hours you study realistically, on weekdays. Consider sleep and break time as well.
Enter the number of hours you study realistically, on weekends. Consider sleep and break time as well.
Overall number of weeks you have for CAT preparation
AreaTopicRecommended Number Of HoursIdeal DistributionBest Division
LR/DILogical Reasoning25000
Data Interpretation2500
Full Length3500
QuantsNumber Systems2500
Averages and Alligations250
Profit & Loss and Interest250
Ratio, Proportion and Variation250
Time and Work350
Time, Speed and Distance350
Geometry and Mensuration700
Coordinate Geometry150
Functions and Inequalities350
Quadratic Equations300
Permutations & Combinations600
Set Theory300
RCReading Comprehension25000
VAPara Jumbles3000
Para Completions250
Critical Reasoning250
Sentence Correction1000
Fill In The Blanks and Vocab200
Facts, Inferences, Judgements100
Odd Man Out200