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The AltUni Career Show

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How You Reduce Your Hiring Chances By 70% Because Of Switching Jobs | The AltUni Career Show Ep. 4

In the fourth episode of the AltUni Career Show, Supreet Singh (Co-Founder: Native) and Ankit Doshi (Founder - AltUni | InsideIIM) discuss the five career mistakes that early career professionals

How To Deal With Introversion, Career Envy, & Family Situations And Still Succeed, Ft. Supreet S.

The third episode of The AltUni Career Show revolves around the common anxieties and worries that early professionals have in their mid-20s. Starting from the importance of mentorship, to career envy,

Product Managers Can Double Their Salary Every 3.5 Years | Supreet S. | The AltUni Career Show Ep. 1

Supreet Singh is the Founding Partner of Native, one of India’s leading portals for hiring senior professionals. Supreet is also a career mentor, having personally guided 1000+ early professionals break